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We  proficiently fight scams using modern fraud recovery mechanisms, cyber analysis, and comprehensive investigative work, we track down and facilitate reimbursement of funds back to the victims

Crypto & NFT Scam Recovery

We can help you recover stolen crypto coins or NFTs lost to dishonest people who hacked into your wallets

Forex Scams Recovery

We give premium recovery support just in case you lose money to a fraudulent forex traders or brokers

Investment Scam Recovery

We help recover funds that were stolen through Investment Scams where they promise interest and then disappear

Binary Scams Recovery

Were you scammed via a binary option trading scam by a fake broker? We offer premium support to recover your funds

Romance Scam Recovery

If you ever find yourself in this mess of dating or romance scam, contact us to recover your stolen money

Wire Fraud Money Recovery

We give premium recovery support in the recovery of funds stolen through wire fraud, contact us for help

Fast and Effective Funds Revovery

Our goal at Platogen Finance Security is to help individuals recover their stolen money lost to online scams or complex fraud schemes

How We Operate

We at Platogen Finance Security Offer Our Clients A Free Consultation Before Taking On The Case, All In Order To Arrange and Enforce A Chargeback Of The Stolen Fund or Asset

Case Reviews and Evidence Collection

We perform preliminary checks and collect all the information and documentation required to successfully recover your funds

Systematically Confront The Entities

We confront all the entities that have knowingly or unknowingly facilitated the illicit transfer of your fund or assets

Recover Your Stolen Fund or Assets

We take pride in our track record and assure you that we’ll go to great lengths to get your stolen money or assets back

Cases Solved
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What Our Clients Say

We let our testimonials do the speaking! We Pick the best and display them in this section.

I was scammed of six thousand on a trading website, a friend recommended to me Platogen Finance Security. I got in touch with them and they got all my money back, can't thank them enough
Albin Grishaj
Ohio, USA
I fell victim of a bitcoin fraud scheme where they stole my $6800.I got in touch and communicated with their rep, they updated me regularly, and in about 2 weeks, I got my stolen money back
Carmen Roert
Nice to have get in touch with someone who knows what the real issue is, they are transparent, honest and also very professional. Thanks a lot for the information !!!
Kim O'connor
London, UK
Overall these guys know what they are doing. They have fantastic knowledge in this area. A fraction of my money was recovered ($12,500 out of $15,000). Lesson learnt, I will never trade again
Julle Kim
Ontario, Canada
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We process every case diligently while paying attention to details and, putting our utmost expertise into every case

We offer a quick, efficient and simple fund recovery process to get your stolen funds back. Contact us now. Most cases get a resolution within the first few weeks

You can be rest assured of quality service delivery knowing that we have 4 years of experience dealing with online financial and cyber fraud

We offer full transparency during the entire investigation process, you are carried along and updated regularly in the whole dispute and fund recovery process

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